Rights and Licences


All material on this website is open for public inspection (or hearing), or can be downloaded, and, moreover, passed on to anyone; which of them is not, that is particularly noted there. (I separately declare the licences of the development parts together with them, too; see there.) The use of business purposes is not allowed (no marketing, nor sale, nor conversion for money in any other way); nor the changing/editing of them; except with the permission of the author for a certain case. (If anyone would have an intention to do so, please contact me; surely we will be able to agree.)

All published material is either my own creation, or used with the knowledge and approval of the original actor(s) and author(s). (If anyone would make a possible objection to this, please also contact me personally straight.)

The icons are exclusively originated from freely downloadable iconsets, considering and observing their licences for use; for the main original source of them, please see below: