My name is Robert Olessak, I was born in 1972. Then I took my degree, a diploma in engineering of informatics at the Kalman Kando College in Obuda (or Old-Buda, the oldest, historical quarter of Budapest) in 1997. Between the two dates, I had already done one or two things, of course… For example, I also vegetated as a professional (or rather self-taught, semi-pro) adventure game programmer for years. Basically I’m an informatician since then, too, although I don’t always look like at the first glance… At the same time (in 1997), the Synthesis Free University, founded by Tamas Paulinyi, was started, which I (and not only me alone) liked very much as an alternative dwelling-place, that’s why it had got a lot of interesting and unexpected consequences after all. A whole lot of talented dudes and freaks came together, and accidentally there happened to be born a Central European taiko group (the Kiyo-Kito Taiko), a bit abstract and maybe not so enjoyable ethno-band (the Stonehenge), and some other groupings of this kind. There materialized a so-called Synthesis Journal, and a scientific parapsychological laboratory, which can be told world-famous by now. And because I took part of these, finally I resolved to summarize and interconnect all of them somewhere… And anyway, I always wanted to create an own exclusive website (for my publishings).