03/21/2002 Spring Drum Celebration


The scene of the second Spring Drum Celebration was moved into the somewhat larger building of the Jozsef Eotvos Secondary School. The occasion became memorable to us because of a several „firsts”: the first use of one of our drums (the big, flat hira-daiko in the background, which really only replaced another, even much bigger drum, the odaiko, that is so huge, that we could rarely carry to anywhere… for example here, it could not even fit); and the first debut of two songs. One is Dragon Dance (written by Pal Bodnar and his younger brother Zack), and the other is Power Song by Andras Laar. Thus you can see two world premieres here.


  Kiyo-Kito Taiko: Dragon Dance
03/21/2002 (Spring Drum Celebration)

  Andras Laar: Power Song
03/21/2002 (Spring Drum Celebration)