06/02/2006 Summer Drum Celebration


The year 2006 was roughly the peak of Kiyo-Kito Taiko’s first decade; at least, because we had got the most members, and we had played the most… There even was three big concerts (instead of the usual two per year), on March 21st, on June 2nd, and on October 13th (all in the Pataky, of course); these were recorded by some hired professional cameramen, then we cut together the first Caleidoscope album from the material. After the selection, the rest of the material was left alone, which I found again later, and made a new, home-made cut of the best parts.


  Stonehenge-Turunga: Intro
A little, improvisating intro…

  Stonehenge-Tur.: Moondayman
Turunga didgeridoo circle, one of Stonehenge’s predecessors

  Stonehenge: The Hunter of the Sun
A long work in four movements

  Stonehenge: Shepherd Stardust
A lively tune

  Kiyo-Kito Taiko: Caleidoscope
The first song of the DVD

  Kiyo-Kito Taiko: Tyutyu
A merry leading-through between two songs

  Kiyo-Kito Taiko: Asa No Arashi
The song of Julia Laszlo was frequently played, too

  Kiyo-Kito Taiko: End Moment
This song was written for a dance recital of a dramatic ballad

  Kiyo-Kito Taiko: Sekigahara
Keijiro Takaku wrote it for the memory of the Japanese battle