Machine vs Emulants

(or: Thirty years old, and still alive… The Commodore 64.)


I have found the address idea on the internet by chance, while I was trying to invent some striking, snappy, and for the first read maybe cynically impressing pun or joke for this article. The original version sounded as Machine vs Simulants (and first I wanted to take it over as a whole, but I convinced myself of the changing, to avoid if anyone accuses me of plagiary later). The common theme of the not too interesting – moreover, here absolutely irrelevant – reports on several different news portals was such an instrument that was said to filter out those pretending as disabled pensioners, but being capable of work indeed, out of the participants in a test after testing them for five hours. Haha, I said, I have also got a machine just like this at home… Or, if not exactly like, but similar at least…

There exists a little computer – a little bit tragicomic from the beginning, but somehow still so romantic – whom has already been used to be considered a disabled pensioner, however, the cunning old fox somehow is not able to nicely rest: from year to year he wants to obstinately prove that he has really got the breath of life. Of course we could eventually say that a lot of similar machines still exist, as every discarded rubbish collects its fans after all, and less or more; founding some cult-hungry, bitter and fanatic – although mostly harmless – club of nostalgy. But here we are now talking about one of the most well-known – and in its own age the most popular – machine types. And the very actual cause is: the Commodore 64 is going to be thirty years old this year.

Since this jubilee (either) might not (or must not – strike out as appropriate) be left without a feast, therefore I decided to make a short summary of those civil initiatives thriving since the official „death” of the C64 (the bankruptcy of the Commodore establishment and the cessation of its manufacturing in 1994). Naturally without the aim of completeness (or else it would never end…), subjectively, rather concentrating on the interests. (And which endows this article with another strange – and consequently maybe morbid, or at least sad – actuality, that’s I unintentionally put an end to it exactly at the very day when the great founding father of the Commodore firm Jack Tramiel has died; and which I came to know next day – that’s now, when I am writing this intake… Hence I also dedicate it to his memory with love.) So, then please click on those lovely little blue-green arrows below at the menu, or the red lettered scrolls on the right side:

1.) Software Emulations
2.) Cables and PCs
3.) The Successors of C64 and Add-Ons
4.) Revenge of the SID
5.) Software Developments
6.) Link Collection

Note: Since this article of mine has become very long, and rather concentrated as a text, it may therefore be easier to read in PDF (see below); albeit that version does not contain the pictures at all… The sources (original websites of themes, and pictures) can also be found at the end of present online version, right after the five bulky chapters, both summed in gfx and link collections (that may be further expanded on later). Have a good fun.


Robert Olessak (2012)

  Machine vs Emulants
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Software Emulations

Cables and PCs

The Successors of C64 and Add-Ons

Revenge of the SID

Software Developments

Link Collection