Conway’s Game of Life
An interesting website about the Life of Game of John Conway

  Hamlet’s Mill
An online version of the book

  Zdzislaw Beksinski

The brilliant Polish painter’s page

  H. R. Giger

H. R. Giger’s page

  Hungarian Lovecraft Homepage
An „unofficial” Hungarian H. P. Lovecraft page

  Lautréamount: The Songs of Maldoror
One of my favourite books online (Hungarian translation)

  Upuaut Project
Rudolf Gantenbrink at the Great Pyramid in Egypt

  Pyramids in China

Pyramids in China

Some oddities

  The Days of the Week
The origin of the days of the week
A Hungarian metapolitical homepage

  Negative Art

  Attila Grandpierre’s Homepage
Attila Grandpierre’s homepage

  Laár Pour L’Art
Andras Laar’s blog

  Language and Science (Nyest)
Hungarian linguistical site

  „I was a New Voice”
An interview with CoVboy

  Amiga Mánia (downloadable PDF)
The brand-new Hungarian paper magazine Amiga Mánia in PDF versions


The Newcomer homepage

  Arok Party

8-bit retro fest, with several decades tradition

  Horseback Archery

Lajos Kassai’s homepage


Tribal Council, summer gathering…


Devalon Small Legs’ page
High voltage and electricity…

  Where Not Even the Bird Goes (PDF)
A Hungarian ethnographical book online

  Shamans at the Dawn of the 21st Century
An essay of Botond Szathmari about neoshamanism

  Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

Danish neoshamanist website (Jonathan Horwitz & Annette Host)

  Tarandus Könyvkiadó
Tarandus Book Publishings

  Göncöl Szabadegyetem
Goncol Free University

  Materialistic Parapsychology
Zoltan Vassy’s book online