Interactive Fiction


  Interactive Fiction Archive
The biggest, central collection of the Interactive Fiction (with downloads)

  Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB)
An extensive database of Interactive Fiction games

  Interactive Fiction Reviews
Reviews written by the Interactive Fiction community members

  Classic Adventures Solution Archive (CASA)
A community forum about text adventures (with their own database, too)

  IF Theory Reader
A 2011 book of 432 pages about IF, downloadable PDF

  Get Lamp – Documentary
A 2008 documentary film (a 2 DVD set), with many interviews etc.

A general main system for playing IF game files (so-called „player”)

  Andrew Plotkin (Zarf)
Andrew Plotkin’s homepage

  Interactive Fiction – Nick Montfort
Nick Montfort’s IF page

  Interactive Fiction and Interactive Narrating
Nick Montfort’s own „Curveship” system

  Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling
Emily Short’s homepage

  Dorothy Millard
Dorothy (Irene) Millard’s homepage

  Joolz Denby
Joolz Denby’s homepage

  Magnetic Scrolls
The official Magnetic Scrolls page

  Magnetic Scrolls Memorial
An „unofficial” Magnetic Scrolls page

  Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles
News, interests…

The Infocom homepage

  Somewhere Nearby is Colossal Cave…
A game-historical cave-tour following Will Crowther…

The Isengard MUD’s homepage

  Game Museum
Another game-database (but in Hungarian)

  The History of Text Adventures
A good arcticle about text adventure games (from 2001)

  Pixel Heroes (PDF)
The table of contents for the Hungarian game-book Pixel Heroes

  F. DaCosta’s book
The old book scanned (Hungarian translation)

  Hungarian Adventures
A RetroStation blog article

  Interactive Books, Text Adventures
An article of linguistics from Boglarka Takacs

  Computer Game Magazines in Hungary, 1987-2009
A media research article from Daniel Kupi

  Indiana Jones Fights the Communist Police (PDF)
Text Adventures as a Transitional Media Form in the 1980s Czechoslovakia

  Girls of ’64
C64 porn… (Interactive Fuck-tion)

  Roar Entertainment
Gyula Enyedy’s homepage

  Rosetta Interactive Fiction
My own personal blog on IF theme (plus development blog etc.)

  Rosetta @ Facebook
The Facebook page of the Rosetta IF

  William Blake Archive
William Blake

  Outside the Town of Malbork
Italo Calvino

  The Art of Fiction, No. 39. (Paris Review)
Jorge Luis Borges

  The Art of Journalism, No. 1. (Paris Review)
Hunter S. Thompson