The Little Rhesus is Born (12/22/2012)


The little Rhesus is now born… Oh, no, sorry: the little Rosetta instead… Oh, no, still not, sorry: not yet born. But, very soon, it must be. (Or at least I hope so.) By all means it has already been foreshadowed, and if I had got any time, I would be long working on that, too. By now we are past the actual end of the world again; let the next such time come… and, besides, another portion of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (at the favourite restaurant of Douglas Adams of course).

That Facebook page of mine opened for the illustrious occasion is still wellnigh empty though; if everything is true, I will now have enough time during the feast to patch together some background picture and some introductionary text for that (both in English and in Hungarian, too); then later I may also note something in there (or may not).

Nevertheless let Facebook know about that shame on them as they are not even able to keep a trustworthy system in operation. My registration succeeded only at a few onsets. The first time, the system had not sent the activating e-mail yet, albeit I pressed the re-send button repeatedly; some two or three days later, however, I (still) got the missing mail(s), but by that time already none of them were valid any longer of course. Meanwhile I re-registrated with another address again, which already worked though. Thus, there has been born two similar web pages, of which the first one is not activated yet, moreover, I cannot even edit (or access) the datas for, as not even delete it (just a mere empty page comes up in the browser instead)… that’s a so-called „ghost”. The second one has already become fine, although I could not set a user name yet, because (that doesn’t surprise me) the system does not send the SMS needed for the validating to my phone… When succeeded, I shall edit that here later on; up till then, see the actual (and hopefully just temporary) URL below:  

Update: now I have already got the finished one:  

Friend it, like it etc.

At the same time, let me offer my two articles below with love to read:

Far, Far Beyond the OSean  

(To be continued soon, later.)

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