Game, Game, Game… (11/11/2011)


My game descriptions slowly become finished now. Mainly, truly, of course, they are rather only of a game-historical importance, for speaking of these certain old games representing yonder sorts of discredited, used-to-be or had-been styles standing on some dead platforms… Still I think it may (or must!) be an interesting experience reading about them – writing of them doubtless is, yeah, that’s a fact indeed… at least I obviously enjoy that –, and not only for those looking back to them from nostalgical points of view. (After all, our tools are continuously changing, however, the effort remains the same.)

The other thing is that these facts – and events, in our parts – not really were described by anyone else, so far, yet. As so were not ever summed up yet. Pretty much such virgin land for fact-revealing ones: game-development subculture in Hungary… (But not only here, again: every other kind of abandoned and little countries all over the world.) Yet the whole cake would surely be a far too big catch for me alone, but there must be the only little slice within, that’s definitely my business: let us say the Interactive Fiction part. I’m still feeling deeply, personally affected by this enough to dare to drivel anything about… (Even being nonsense, even if not interesting to anyone else but me… How am I to know who opens the bottle then.)

And, moreover, let come forward another man having got a degree about it… So an, khm, „official”… (khm) „expert”… one. (I told you so.)